Sponsor My Education is a non-profit organization headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Since it's inception, the organization has helped over 2000 Ghanaian and foreign students with free scholarships at the tertiary level.

About Us

As a social intervention organization with you in focus; we understand that whatever becomes of you is as a result of the investment society has made in you; thus, whatever you give back to society whether 'good' or 'evil' is the returns on the investment society has made in you.

That in mind, Sponsor My Education is positioned by the help of other corporate bodies to stand in the place of society and help set up each member of society on the right path so they can acquire an education that will help make them relevant in society.

Journeying on this path, our sole vision is to make tertiary education free for all throughout Ghana and the entire regions of Africa.

At Sponsor My Education, we say: "Sponsoring scholars is our habit and lifetime commitment!"


Why spend a fortune on a Diploma or Degree when you can equally get one almost for free through our scholarship scheme. Join our foundation for a scholarship today.

Whiles with us, we give you an insurance cover throughout your entire period of study. What more?, we insure one beloved family member of yours (father, mother, spouse, siblings or kids)


We give you a fresh new bank account with our partnering bank and a free cash gift.


Once a member of our foundation, we give you a free gift from any of our partners. These gifts ranges from laptops, mobile phones, shopping vouchers and many more.

Every student needs a working experience to maximise their employabilities. While in school, or after school, our members are given internship opportunities to experience and develop their working skills.
Job for our members is a great deal to us because school without a job or work is meaningless. We connect our members to available jobs in the market.
Resources are put together to support members start up business. We understand not everyone wants a job; some are job creators.
Have a project to undertake? We offer partnership opportunities to our members to help them execute projects that seeks to impact society.

What Our Past Students Are Saying

Come on board with SME and have the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty through better education. SME is the ideal and trusted solution.

Lorreta Morrison

As a foreigner in Ghana, education was quite expensive till I came across Sponsor My Education. I enrolled for their sponsorship scheme and now I am a certified UK learner.

Patience Sibanda

I had the opportunity to study with IPED-UK through Sponsor My Education. The inspirations and counseling I received there were eye-opening. Today, I have the courage to start my own business.

Collins Bosompem

I believe Sponsor My Education is set to have a transformative effect on the overall landscape of tertiary education in Ghana. God bless all of you at SME.

Suzanne Ahiatrogah